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Come to MacMillan Tucker when you want your case to be handled by a group of professional and experienced lawyers. For over 40 years, we have been offering dependable legal services to clients in Surrey and the surrounding area. Our team has the expertise to handle cases related to personal injury, wills and estates, family, estate disputes, real estate and mortgages, civil litigation, corporate issues, commercial and notary. Please go through the law articles below to learn more.


You Can’t Go back on Your Word – By Corey J. Bow

Speedy Gonzalez was driving his car and going straight through an intersection. Lefty McNish was heading towards the same intersection in the opposite direction. She, unfortunately, decided to turn left right in front of Speedy. Speedy collided with Lefty’s car and he was injured.

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Don’t Let Anyone Drink and Drive! – By Cassandra Douma

Insured Ingrid and her friend Sloshed Steve went to a co-worker’s house for some drinks. They had arrived together in Insured Ingrid’s car, and Sloshed Steve had told them that he would drive it home at the end of the night. Insured Ingrid and Sloshed Steve had a number of drinks together as the evening progressed, and Insured Ingrid proceeded to become quite intoxicated.

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Nothing Can Be Said to Be Certain, Except Death and Taxes - By George Gunnink

Planner Polly did not want her estate to have to pay probate fees (tax) when she passed away. So, she did what many do to avoid these fees: she added her son, Oblivious Ollie, as a joint tenant on title to her home. At the same time, Polly did a new Will, which included a statement confirming that she intended to add Ollie as an owner of her assets with the intention that those assets would belong to him upon her death.

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Woulda Coulda Shoulda got a Prenup - By Stuart D. Robertson

Magnum and Higgins started dating and fell madly in love. Higgins owned a beautiful home in Cloverdale that she had had for many years. Despite being advised by her friends and family to get a Prenuptial Agreement, Higgins and Magnum got married. Magnum proceeded to move into Higgins’ home. Higgins continued to pay for everything for the home, including the ongoing mortgage payments and property taxes.

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Conscious Un-coupling and Re-coupling and Support - By Stuart D. Robertson

Will and Grace were married for 25 years and had 2 children together. Grace gave up her job as an administrative assistant to stay at home with the children while they were young. Will continued to work at his job at ABC Incorporated throughout the marriage, where he worked his way up the corporate ladder to become Vice-President.

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A Gruff Limitation? - By Tyler B. Dennis

The three Billy Goats Gruff (“Goats Gruff”) lived in Pitt Meadows on a property that was too small to provide them with enough grass to eat. In 2013 they purchased a property in Langley which had a greater abundance of grass. To purchase the property, they borrowed 1 million dollars from their friend Mr. Troll, who lived under the Golden Ears Bridge, and who operated a lucrative tolling business.

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Don’t Make a Costly Mistake! - By Cassandra Douma

Barry Buyer was in the market to purchase a new home. Susy Seller had her home on the market, and after Barry viewed the property he made an offer which Susy accepted. The contract was subject to Barry obtaining financing and an inspection within 60 days. The contract also incorporated a Property Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) that Susy had completed about the condition of the property.

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Little Red Riding Hood vs. the Big Bad Wolf - By Tyler B. Dennis

Little Red Riding Hood (“Little Red”) and her Grandma owned a house in rural Cloverdale that they were renting out to the Big Bad Wolf (“Wolf”). During a property inspection by Grandma and Little Red they found that unknown to them, Wolf had three sub-tenants, the Three Little Pigs, living with him.

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Home Sweet Home? - By George Gunnink

All Mary and her husband wanted was a place to live for the rest of their lives. That’s what they told Mary’s daughter and son-in-law when they gave the kids $150,000 to help them to buy a home with a suite that Mary and her husband could live in. At the time, they decided that they did not want to go on title to the home and, trusting that they would all get along, they did not put their agreement in writing.

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That’s Not What I Bought - By Cassandra Douma

Betty Buyer needed a new car. She approached Shady Sean, a local car dealer, to see if he had any vehicles in stock which would suit her. Betty, who was not very knowledgeable about cars, was looking for a reliable vehicle that she could use to commute to work in Vancouver. She also wanted something with good fuel economy, given recent trends in gas prices. Sean told her he had exactly what she was looking for and showed Betty the new Acme Adventure he had in stock. Sean assured Betty that as the car was new and Acme was a great manufacturer she would have no issues.

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Unfriendly Competition - By Cassandra Douma

Employee Elliott worked at a pet store in Cloverdale owned by Bob Boss called Pets-R-Us. When Employee Elliott started at Pets-R-Us, he was asked to, and he did, sign an employment contract. The contract contained a clause which stated that when Employee Elliott left Pets-R-Us, he would not open up or work for another company that was in the business of selling pets, pet accessories, or pet food in the Lower Mainland for a period of ten years after his departure.

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