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Wills and Estates

Helping clients make decisions about end-of-life issues and assisting them with the many complications that can arise after a loved one’s death can be very challenging and requires compassion and sensitivity. Clients are often dealing with grief or loss at the same time as they are expected to carry out complicated decision-making that can affect their futures or those of their families.

The wills and estates lawyers at MacMillan, Tucker can take care of your needs at every stage of the estate process, from helping you make decisions about your future to helping your family deal with your matters after you are no longer with them.

We can help you:

Write a will, structuring it so that your wishes are clear and easy to follow, will not result in confusion or litigation due to lack of clarity, and take into account all of your legal responsibilities

Structure your estate through property transfers, business succession planning and trusts, when appropriate.

Prepare for incapacity. We will discuss issues of elder law, powers of attorney and representation agreements, and help you choose a trusted person to speak for you if you should become incapable of making informed and wise decisions about your finances or medical or personal care.

Begin the process of taking care of an estate by making an application to the Probate Registry for a Probate Grant (if you are the executor of a will), or Letters of Administration (if your family member or friend did not leave a will).

Administer an estate. We can explain your duties as personal representative (executor or administrator) of an estate under British Columbia’s estate laws and can help you carry them out. You may need assistance distributing the estate and making sure that the estate’s duties to creditors and beneficiaries are taken care of. We strive to make this process as worry-free as possible and let you know all the steps you must take to ensure that your tasks are fulfilled, and your potential for personal liability minimized.

Our wills and estates lawyers for Surrey, White Rock, Langley and surrounding areas want to make things as easy as possible for you. We are sensitive to the fact that many people going through the process of planning their estate affairs or taking care of an estate may not have done this before, and may be overwhelmed by the emotional aspects of dealing with grieving relatives. We strive to relieve the stress of these processes as much as possible.

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For more information on wills and estates, contact us at 604-574-7431 for a consultation. Our office is wheelchair-accessible, and there is ample parking in the rear.

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