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Legal Assistance for Probate and Estate Administration in Surrey

A probate is usually necessary when third party businesses or organisations like financial institutions or the land registry office are not ready to rely on the will until the court confirms its validity. The court confirms the validity of a will and the authority of the executor through probate.

If you need to apply to a court in Surrey for probate and estate administration, turn to Macmillan Tucker. We can assist you with the application and proper administration of the estate in a timely and resourceful way.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and the expertise to take care of:

Post-mortem tax planning

Dealing with financial institutions

Ascertaining the assets of the deceased

Distributing property to beneficiaries

Discharging liabilities and paying necessary taxes

Applying to the court for the certificate

To appoint an administrator to handle your estate in case a will is not available, call us today.

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For more information about our services, contact us at 604-574-7431 for a consultation.

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