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Personal Injury Law

MacMillan Tucker has provided representation to victims of motor vehicle accidents for 35 years. Whether your accident was serious or minor, we know that this may be a difficult, painful and confusing time for you. Our purpose is to help make it easier.

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers for Surrey, Langley, White Rock and surrounding areas can answer questions regarding your rights and options under our province’s injury and insurance law. We deal with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) regularly and are familiar with the tactics it sometimes uses to deny claimants the benefits they need and deserve.

MacMillan Tucker doesn’t just deal with car accidents. We also take cases involving trucks, buses, motorcycles, sports vehicles, scooters and bicycles, as well as pedestrians hurt by motor vehicles. We also deal with victims of hit-and-run accidents and uninsured motorists.

We can help you determine the extent of your injuries and losses, get the compensation you need, and pursue a claim against the person who injured you. This includes drunk drivers as well as bars and nightclubs that may be liable if they served the driver who hit you.

Young Male Driver With Whiplash Injury Standing By Damaged Car After Road Traffic Accident

Injuries From Accidents

Our lawyers handle all range of injuries, from the most serious to whiplash. We regularly see:

Broken bones

Back pain

Neck pain

Disc injuries


Chronic pain

Head injuries

Spinal cord injuries


Fatal accidents

We are familiar with the kinds of treatment, rehabilitation and adaptations that injured people often need. We can help you find the professionals who will help you heal or adapt to your injuries.

The accident lawyers of MacMillan Tucker also understand that many accidents result not only in physical injuries, but in mental and emotional problems such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These can arise some time after the accident and can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. We are also familiar with the difficulty that injured people can have proving these claims and getting the compensation they need.

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For more information on how we can help you after a motor vehicle accident, contact us at 604-574-7431 for a free initial consultation. We work on contingency for injury cases, so you will not pay until your case is resolved.ed.

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