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Notary Services

All of our lawyers are able to provide the services often provided by any notary public. This authority includes the ability to notarize copies of documents, and prepare and take statutory declarations and other sworn statements. So, we can help you with things like:

progress draw statutory declarations, if you are a contractor/subcontractor

travel documents for minors, if your child is traveling out of the country

proof of loss declarations, if you are making an insurance claim

notarial and/or certified copies of documents, if they are required for various purposes

witnessing the signing of real estate documents, if you are doing a real estate transaction elsewhere in the province, or out-of-province

taking your signature on affidavits required in court procedures, both for BC and out-of-province actions

While we do our best to accommodate drop-in requests for these services, we request that you call ahead to book an appointment to see one of our lawyers for these notarial services. That way, we can assure you that we will have a lawyer available to meet with you to provide the notary service that you require.

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